HEAL was born out of love and compassion for children.

Working with thousands of children and many schools statewide, we have seen first-hand the challenges families face due to unhealthy lifestyles. We have also seen entire families transform their lives for better through the HEAL program. HEAL provides information for the student and their families similar to what some adults acquire through expensive personal trainers.

HEAL provides education for the parents to help them support the success of their child. One student from a Birmingham City school reported in her HEAL HERO essay: “My family has improved because they decided with me to eat healthy foods. Now my family walks everyday at Railroad Park.” Bravo to that HEAL student and her family for taking positive action.

HEAL does not just support the unhealthy or potentially unhealthy child. It provides a powerful support system all children and their parents. The HEAL curriculum also helps athletic students lay a foundation for optimal sports performance and gives them the tools they need to maintain good health throughout their entire lives.

My greatest reward is hearing the testimony of schools and families rallying around the children as they pursue Healthy Eating Active Living.If they can do it, we all can do it.

Helpful Tips & Ideas

1. You have the power to influence your family’s health. You can engage in HEAL and support your child’s effort.

– Love is your motivation

– You hold the power to steer your family to a healthier future

– The benefits your child will reap in supporting HEAL at home include:

—- Elevated self-esteem

—- Improved brain performance and academic performance

—- Better energy levels and stronger immune system

2. What can you do to further support your child’s efforts:

– Pack healthier lunches and snacks and reduce sweetened beverages

– Emphasize incorporating whole fruits and vegetables

– Enjoy physical activities together

Small efforts produce large rewards check out the following links: