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HEAL Alabama wants to hear the everyday stories of triumph from our teachers.  If you have a tale of transformation, we want to share it with the world.  Starting soon, we will be featuring your stories in your words for sharing throughout the HEAL network to serve as an inspiration to others..

Now is your chance to tell us about your experiences as a HEAL Teacher and the changes you’ve seen in your students.  Submit your story and your best picture for a chance to be featured in an upcoming HEAL Story.

The HEAL staff and volunteers know the impact that teachers have on the development of our children.

Through your instruction, students are prepared and become inspired to be our community’s future leaders. We understand the incredible responsibility that you accept as educators, and HEAL wants to help support you as you strive to guide young children through proper fiscal fitness and nutrition education.

The HEAL program is a free, 20 week curriculum-based initiative that utilizes and exceeds the state and national standards for physical education.

When you and your school join our program, you receive the following support:

Teacher Training: Much of the focus for the HEAL program is on equipping, supporting and enriching our teachers. HEAL conducts teacher training workshops before the start of the school-year and again in the fall. Qualified HEAL coordinators and volunteers (UAB, Samford and Alabama State instructors) provide PE teachers with the basics of the HEAL program, and they demonstrate to educators how to deliver the program in the classroom. The HEAL coordinators work directly with each teacher to adapt lesson plans and identify concept areas with potential challenges. This allows the coordinators to personalize each partnership and complement the HEAL program perfectly to build on classroom assets and support weaknesses.

Student Health Assessment: With your guidance, HEAL begins each school year collecting student health data to include (where allowed) body mass index, height and weight, basic heart rate, performance level, and health and fitness knowledge. This data is also collected at the end of the year to determine impact. Testing equipment includes a Fitness-Gram Kit, pre-and-post-assessments for health, fitness and nutrition, and the Alabama Physical Fitness Assessment Administrator Manual. HEAL coordinators train each teacher on how to use equipment and administer all tests.

Curriculum and Resource Materials: The HEAL curriculum uses a creative physical fitness design entitled “motor skills in motion” as well as an added nutrition component entitled “eating on the run.” The HEAL curriculum adapts to meet each person’s personal needs and rewards students for doing their personal best. Each school receives the following:

1- Heart Rate Monitors

2- Teacher Manuals

3- Student Workbooks—includes classroom hand-outs and home-based activities (homework).

4- Monthly Calendars—fitness and nutrition calendar for home that includes recipes, family physical activities, nutrition and health education.

5- Colorful Classroom Posters

6- Fitness Games

7- Motivational Materials and Awards Incentives

8- Assessment Equipment

On-going Guidance, Support and Encouragement: Each school is assigned a HEAL coordinator that works directly with the PE teacher and the school to ensure program success. The coordinator travels to the schools as needed to help teachers with implementation of the curriculum, trouble-shoot potential problems and assist with any research or data collection. This ongoing support helps maintain interests and ensures quality, enthusiasm, and engagement.

If you would like to refer your school to be a HEAL school, click here and complete and submit the referral form.

Share Your Story!